Changing Themes

Fifteen different Themes are currently available to teachers using the ACPS WordPress server. Users may switch among these themes using the WordPress Dashboard.

Teachers are also welcome to browse the many themes available from WordPress, and to request a new theme be installed.

A word of caution about themes:

While hundreds of web sites offer thousands of WordPress themes for free, MANY of these include scripts that surreptitiously allow the theme developers to track, monitor, or even subvert your site to their purposes — malicious or otherwise!

We therefore urge you to stick with the themes we have made available to you, some of which have already been customized to include the ACPS logo and footer.

If you want to explore other themes, plug-ins, or other add-ons, choose only from those on the WordPress site — — and to notify us for help installing the theme you choose.  We’ll also help you incorporate the ACPS logo into the layout.  (Also, please be sure that your School name appears prominently on your site — preferably in the site title or tagline.)

To change your theme

  1. From your Dashboard, click on the “Appearances” link in the left sidebar, then choose “Themes.”
    Appearance > Themes

    Appearance > Themes

    Appearance > Themes

  2. The “Themes” page shows your current theme at the top left; following that are all the themes available. Hover over a theme thumbnail image and three buttons appear.

    Themes settings, showing current theme at top left; other available themes

    Themes settings, showing current theme at top left; other available themes

  3. Click “Theme Details” to read more about the theme;
  4. Click “Live Preview” to see how your site will look using the theme.
  5. To actually change the theme, click “Activate.”