Working with Audio

WordPress can embed an audio player for many common types of audio files. Supported audio types include: .mp3, .m4a, .wav, and .ogg. Note that end-users (visitors) who have older browsers AND no Flash Player installed will not be able to play the audio directly from your web page; they will be presented with a download link instead.

  1. You can either upload the audio to your Media Library; or open a post or page in edit mode and click “Add Media.”

Click either "Add New" link to open Insert Media window

Add Media from Edit window

  1. After your media loads the window changes to show your uploaded file in your Media Library.  With that file selected, click the”Embed of Link” menu in the  “Attachment Display Settings” area of the window’s right panel and select “Embed  Media Player”:
    Embed Media Player
  2. Click “Insert Into Post”
  3. Publish your post