Image Galleries & Slideshows

WordPress offers built-in methods for creating an image gallery simply & quickly. You can convert a Gallery into a slideshow using the “Gallery Slideshow” plugin.

WordPress Image Gallery

A WordPress Image gallery displays a grid of thumbnail images in a post or page.  Thumbnails can be clicked to open up a larger view in a Gallery window, where you can navigate through the entire gallery collection.

Galleries can be built using images already uploaded to your Media Library, or you can upload assets as you edit a post or page.

  • Begin by adding or editing a post or page.
  • In the Editor window, click “Add Media”Add Media button in post editor window
  • In the Insert Media window, click the “Create Gallery” link in the left sidebar.Create Gallery
  • In the Create Gallery window, click each image you wish to include in the GallerySelect images to include in gallery
  • Click the “Create a new gallery” button in the lower right corner.
  • Next WordPress shows you the Edit Gallery page.  Here you can drag & drop thumbnails to reorder the grid.  In the right panel you can also edit the gallery settings, including the number of columns in the gallery grid.Drag & drop to reorder; choose Type (Thumbnail grid or Slideshow)
  • Notice also the “Type” drop menu in the screengrab above. Select “Slideshow” to create a rotating slideshow of images rather than a grid.
  • Click “Insert Gallery”;  WordPress returns to the post Editor window.
  • Notice the Gallery or Slideshow is represented in the Edit window as a generic media placeholder; click on this placeholder and two buttons appear over the image.  One allows you to delete the image; the other opens an Edit Gallery window where you have access to both basic and advanced settings.

    In editor window, an Image Gallery or Slideshow is represented by a generic icon. Click to access

    In editor window, an Image Gallery or Slideshow is represented by a generic icon. Click to access

  • Click “Publish” when you are finished editing the post.
  • View the post see your Image Gallery or Slideshow

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Gallery Slideshows

WordPress doesn’t offer built-in support for Slideshows, but we’ve installed a plugin that makes it easy to convert a WordPress Gallery into a full-featured slideshow.

Create a gallery as described above, then activate slideshow mode set the “GSS Slideshow” option to “Yes” in Gallery Settings.

Slideshow Settings

12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01
Sunset over Stony Point

Alternatively, use the “Text” mode of the post editor to edit the gallery shortcode, adding these attributes:
    gss="1" options="paused=false".

[gallery gss="1" options="paused=false" link="none" ids="592,591,590,589,588,587,586,585,584,583,582,581"]

See the “Gallery Slideshow” plugin page for more information.